HOME REDESIGN: The home has grown stale and boring
A home, if not freshened up from time to time, grows stale and boring. By changing the layout and positioning of items, I will bring a newfound vibrancy to your home. It's true that I work with your items and am sensitive to your needs, but I am not emotionally attached to your pieces. This allows me creative inspiration and efficiency.

HOME REDESIGN: To create flow & cohesiveness
Many of my clients have collected beautiful pieces of artwork and furniture over the years. But the layout of the room in which they're placed is incorrect. This creates a space that does not flow and does not feel cohesive. My work brings a room together perfectly with flow, style, and function.

HOME REDESIGN: The merging of two families
When the style of a household is influenced by two people, conflicting styles are sometimes pushed together. Usually this doesn’t sit well. I find a way to blend the two styles into a harmonious, living space.

ORGANIZATION: Clutter is a dirty word!
Clutter can take over your life and leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless. I am here to help. I help determine the items that should remain and suggest the items that do not complement the space.

ORGANIZATION: Children are a wonderful blessing
But their belongings can easily take over an entire home. As a result, parents can lose their place. I help contain children’s items and designate areas for toys, clothes, etc.

ORGANIZATION: Death or Divorce in the family
Death and divorce are emotionally difficult. Both leave people exhausted and drained. I can step in and help address the situation and sort through the chaos, which lowers your stress level and allows you to move forward with a positive and clear mind.

HOME STAGING: Selling your home
You want to sell your house in a timely manner. The fact is, staged homes sell faster and for more money in ANY market!

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