Styling with what you have

Redesign focuses on the interior placement and artistic arrangement of existing furnishings. I can quickly and efficiently transform the look of your home or workspace, without buying new furniture, lighting and accessories. In the process of redesign, I evaluate your space and determine a fresh aesthetic direction. I start by talking with my clients. Soon we develop an understanding of their needs and vision. Next, I evaluate the room and determine an aesthetic direction.

Depending on the location, I am happy to visit your home to assess your situation and walk you through the process. When a personal visit is not possible, I will provide an estimate based on pictures of your home and by discussing your needs. Upon approval I will begin the process.

I do my best working alone or alongside one of my associates. I start by clearing the room and then collecting the items that will be used in the new theme. These pieces are curated, only the best remain and are used to complement the room's new look. The rest are sorted. Upon approval by the client, these items becomes donations, consignment, or “trash.”

Oftentimes it is difficult to envision your home being transformed into a completely new space in a matter of hours. But as you will hear from my previous clients, it is a reasonable, and achievable goal.

The drastic difference in your home's appearance will amaze you. One of the benefits of redesign is coming home to a room that feels completely new, and at the same time familiar and comfortable. Everything in the space is yours, after all. It's just been given an interior design makeover.

During the process, I select a number of accessories and place them in specific locations. This helps create the look that represents you, your home and your style. With this in mind, it's time to talk furniture. For me, it's one of the most fundamental elements in redesign. I carefully consider the placement of all furniture, taking into account the room's lighting, artwork and other accessories. And I pay particular attention to the balance of color in the room. My goal is to create a simplified and beautiful space for you, your family and friends.

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