A cluttered home = a cluttered mind

I evaluate every item in the space and determine a proper home for it. These items are then categorized as keepers, donations, or tossers. I am very careful and sensitive to a client's needs during this process. I do not remove any item indiscriminately. I listen and work with the client to decide what is important, what should stay and what should go.

A disorganized home can be detrimental to your happiness. Not only does it add stress to your life, it also affects every individual in the home, even your children.

People are more productive, save more time, and are able to enjoy life when their homes are organized and harmonious. I work with a minimal approach, and encourage my clients to purge as much as they can during the redesign process. This way, my clients really start fresh and truly love what they have inside their homes.

Usually, after a home is redesigned, people keep up with organization, cleanliness and style. But getting to this point is much more difficult. This is why people tend to put off completing the hard work in which I specialize.

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