The best way to describe the nature of my services is to elaborate on the terms redesign, staging, and organization. For me, every job is a combination of all three services. At the end, you are left with a cohesive and styled space that has a specific flow and feeling. My goal is for you to fall in love with your space.


REDESIGN: Styling with what you have
Redesign focuses on the interior placement and artistic arrangement of existing furnishings. I can quickly and efficiently transform the look of your home or workspace, without buying new furniture, lighting and accessories. In the process of redesign, I evaluate your space and determine a fresh aesthetic direction. I start by talking with my clients. Soon we develop an understanding of their needs and vision. Next, I evaluate the room and determine an aesthetic direction. learn more...

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ORGANIZATION: A cluttered home = A cluttered mind
I evaluate every item in the space and determine a proper home for it. These items are then categorized as keepers, donations, or tossers. I am very careful and sensitive to a client's needs during this process. I do not remove any item indiscriminately. I listen and work with the client to decide what is important, what should stay and what should go. learn more...

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HOME STAGING: Showing what your home has to offer to potential buyers
During home stagings, redesigners use design principles and an understanding of the buyer's psychology to maximize the appeal of the property that's for sale. Staging a home also makes the property appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. A home can be staged when it is occupied or vacant. But my specialty is working in occupied homes. This saves time and money and uses existing furnishings during the staging process. You also have the option to remain in your home while its on the market.

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