AMELIA SHIELDS: Interior Specialist / Owner & Founder
My design work began in 2005, when I helped open a boutique store in Charleston SC. There I served as buyer and manager and learned a great deal about New York City's buying market. It was also here that I began to understand the importance of merchandising.

Organizational skills have always been a part of who I am. But in the last five years I have discovered a newfound love and respect for their power. I have seen redesign help restore marriages, and families enjoy a greater quality of life. I want my clients to feel excited to go home after work, to enjoy their homes and share them with friends and family.

I have a talented team that collaborates with me on large projects. Learn more about my team below.

Also, please take some time visit my blog to learn more about current projects, as well as hints to help you stay organized.

Thank you,

  ADRIENNE ANTONSON: Design Associate (west coast)
During my time in retail, I began working with Adrienne Antonson, a talented and driven artist in Charleston, SC. She and I collaborated on many projects, which ranged from fashion shows and photo shoots to art openings and other events. Currently, Adrienne is based in Seattle, and will collaborate with me on West coast projects.

Learn more about Adrienne...

  MATTHEW MCLAUGHLIN: Design Associate (east coast)
Matthew is another talented member of my team. I have worked with Matthew on numerous redesign jobs, as well as event planning. He is based out of Charleston, SC, and collaborates with me on design projects on the East coast. He specializes in floor planning, layout and lighting.
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